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Energy deals coherence checker

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about UK electricity and gas deals, especially from a low user's point of view.This page is a quick "reasonableness checker" of energy deals. It uses Javascript, so programmers can see how it works by viewing this page's source code; no hidden calculations are done on the server.
Enter two sets of meter readings, 12 months apart:
Reading 1Reading 2
Night (if any)
Gas (if any)
Gas meter type (if any)
Gas calorific value (MJ/m3)
Gas volume conversion
Enter the details of the two deals you want to compare:
Deal 1Deal 2
Primary day ratepp
Secondary day rate (if any; banned in UK 2014)pp
If there's a secondary rate, enter the number of primary-rate units per quarter
Night rate (if any)pp
Gas primary rate (if any)pp
Gas secondary rate (if any; banned in UK 2014)pp
Gas threshold for secondary rate (kWh/quarter) if any
Standing charge per day (if any)pp
VAT percentage (if not included)%%
Dual-fuel proportional discount (if any; banned in UK 2014-2016)%%
Fixed discount (if any)££
Payment method discount (if any; banned in UK 2014-2016)%%
Paperless discount (if any; banned in UK 2014-2016)%%
Now press: (or )
Annual bill
Percentage difference
If the cheaper deal is variable and the more expensive deal is fixed, you might find that the percentage increase you get from fixing is actually a lot more than the percentage the variable prices are expected to rise. You need to check with your figures though.

This calculator is not financial advice; I hope it's useful but I do not accept legal responsibility for any decisions based on its results.

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