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Stylesheets for low vision

Many modern Web browsers allow users to set their own CSS stylesheets for accessibility purposes.  It can be difficult to write a comprehensive accessibility stylesheet by hand, especially if you want to work around browser bugs and the difficulties posed by complex websites.  So I made a program to generate long CSS files with workarounds for many problems.

If you are a programmer, you can adjust the Python code to your needs (works in both Python 2 and Python 3).  Alternatively, you can try one of these presets:

Download pre-generated low-vision stylesheets

(above stylesheets generated by version 0.9937)

Size "unchanged" lacks size-related layout changes; this can be useful if you do not need large print, or your monitor is big enough for the browser's built-in zoom controls to be enough, but you still need to change the colours (see advantages of dark backgrounds).

What is the best pixel size?

You could just experiment, but if you frequently change between different setups and/or have variable sight then it might help to know how to choose a size without constantly re-experimenting:

How to install a stylesheet

Save the stylesheet to a file on your disk, and:

For other setups (including some mobiles) you can try Web Adjuster; for demonstration purposes there is an installation of Web Adjuster with these stylesheets at
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