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Phoenix computer room course bookings

COVID-19 precautions are likely to create additional computer-room closures not documented online. Since lockdown I have not tried to visit the rooms myself, but a Chinese friend saw a closure sign displayed there when she tried on 24th September.
Cambridge University's "Phoenix Teaching Rooms" on the New Museum site are available for the general use of university members with logins if they're not booked for courses or examinations. Since they can be useful places to go if you're in the city centre and want to get some work done, but it's slightly annoying to go there only to be refused entry because a course is in progress, I automatically extract the relevant date/time/venue data from UIS Training's course list and convert it to a text file in Unix "calendar" format (updated regularly).

This is posted in the hope that it is useful but without any warranty---in particular it is likely to break if UIS change their format or their server moves. When that happens, I try to update my program shortly after, but no promises.

Not all examination bookings are covered by this program---particularly in the summer term there are likely to be additional periods when the rooms are not available for general use.

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