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Compositions and arrangements

You might also like some of my father's compositions on the Mutopia Project site (Internet Archive link because the site is now having problems).


just a few short ones.  Mostly converted to MIDI from Manuscript Writer input; the quality will depend on that of your computer's synthesis.


Most of the arrangements that I have made for private use have been of other people's works that are still in copyright, and therefore I cannot put them here.  Even my arrangements of traditional Chinese melodies cannot be placed here because my source material was a modern performance which may have included copyrighted embellishments.  However, I believe it is acceptable to post this simple arrangement of an unidentified Nu Shu song as sung by an elderly survivor who wanted it published (2003).  Nu Shu was a literature invented by women who were not allowed to study in the male-only schools in old China.  I assumed that the style would not be "normal Chinese" and that the singer's ornamentation was intentional.  The Tsinghua scholars I was assisting had different views and their documentary contains a re-working of it.


Virtually any random sequence of notes can be made vaguely tuneful by means of rhythm.  To demonstrate this, here is Pi to 100 decimal places (the last digit has been rounded up).  You may find this easier to remember than the raw digits, but it has little practical use. The same technique might help you memorise a more secret string of random digits for a security situation, but please don't use the digits of Pi for that.

You may also be interested in my "white noise" MIDI file.

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