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Instructions for "F95B" portable rechargeable fan

This fan can be sold in different configurations, and doesn't usually come with an instruction book. We experimented with two different items from separate sellers, both marked "F95B": The fans otherwise looked identical, but the particulars of their operation were different. I don't know if one manufacturer sells it in different configurations or if others have copied the product.

Very similar-looking fans are sold as "HY96A" and as "Taidea UF-TDF01". We have not tried these but we suspect they are the same.

F95B operation

ZS fan

In 2019 we bought (online) a third fan, marked "ZS", which appears to be a derivative of the F95B. In this version the controls are reduced to one unlabelled button, which cycles through slow-medium-fast-torch-off, and the battery is held in a vertical grasp-handle rather than being horizontally mounted below the fan. The unit can still be stood on a table by easing open a clip at the top front of the handle which then allows the handle to flip around to the back of the blades. Again no instructions were provided.

I suspect the ZS uses a version of the two-button F95B's circuit and they simply haven't connected the red-button input. It was sold without battery (we fitted a spare 18650 we had, but a couple of years later this battery's overcharge-protection circuit failed in a way that left corrosion on the holder's terminals); when run on external power, the faster speeds can be slowed, sometimes resulting in the "fast" speed being slower than the "medium" speed, if not enough current is available from the power source---a 1500mA mains adaptor was sufficient for the fastest speed, but a "2.1A" power bank was not as reliable.

(The English F95B also limited speed when connected to external power even though the battery was also present: it must have switched into a "charging and using external power only" mode, and only its slowest speed was available no matter what the rating of the power source.)

We still don't know who made the ZS fan. It came in a box claiming (among other things) the fan is safe for babies, whereas a label on the fan itself said it isn't, so it seems to have been irresponsibly repackaged. A search for the exact words of that box (which had 24 English mistakes) found a lady in Guangdong promising to ship 20,000 per day but not stating their source; a search for the fan's own label found only resellers.

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