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Cambridge to London avoiding large stations

Online route planners seem determined to have us do battle with monsters like King's Cross. These navigational nightmares can be daunting when travelling alone with limited sight, especially now that staff are in shorter supply and much information is displayed only on distant signage that assumes good vision.

I therefore have some notes on alternative routes avoiding these hubs. These are only my personal notes and I must disclaim all liability for inaccuracies, but I hope they're useful.

Coach to underground

National Express coach 010 to Victoria has also been known to stop at: The terminal at Victoria is fine for changing coaches to elsewhere but it's a bit awkward for transferring to the underground (some street navigation is necessary).

Train to underground

If you're too late to make a coach booking, you might prefer train. It's typically more expensive, and not very much quicker: if you live closer to the coaches than the station, you have to factor in the extra time to get to the station and buy tickets, and as you're avoiding King's Cross you can't take the fastest trains (much as I like archaeology and museums, I'm not acting the opening scenes of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"---I get off trains when they stop). Coach seats might still be available on the day, but there's no guarantee the drivers will even stop at places like Embankment if they haven't been informed someone's booked to get on there, so if you haven't booked a coach and don't want to find the Victoria terminal (and you're not in an action film) then Finsbury Park or Tottenham Hale (or one of the smaller Thameslink-line stations) might be better.

Train to overground

Cheshunt station on the Liverpool Street line is now a London Overground terminus (Zone 8) and is quite navigable---usually just cross the footbridge to get onto the Overground, and not even that when returning---although depending where you want to be on the Overground, you might need to change a couple more times: Hackney Downs has a footpath from its platform 1 to Hackney Central where you can access the North London east-west line, and from there you can change at Canonbury for trains going across the Thames to the south. (The Overground tends to avoid Central London.) On the return trip it might take a few tries to find a train to Cheshunt rather than Enfield Town; also, some trains to and from Cambridge don't stop at Cheshunt so you might sometimes need to change one station further out at Broxbourne as well.
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