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Emacs and XEmacs configuration

Here are some Emacs configuration files for low vision (large fonts, saving screen real-estate, and dark backgrounds) with many Emacs features supported.

Due to the number of settings involved, I've split them across several files.  You can download all of these files as a gzipped tar archive emacs.tgz and unpack it in your home directory (tar -zxf emacs.tgz), taking care first to save any previous configuration that you want to keep.

The above configuration is meant for:

There's a crash in Mac Emacs 23 and 24 (and Aquamacs) involving the menubar and FTP buffers; here's a patch to to 24.3rc3 I submitted.

If using old XEmacs 21, it might occasionally "mess up" the fonts: if that happens, try M-x fix-fonts. Also in XEmacs, if you can't zoom in, try M-x pc-default-font-bigger or M-x pc-default-font-double (if the result is too big for the screen, M-x smaller-frame, M-x even-smaller-frame or M-x very-small-frame).

Look through the .el files for other user functions and things you can customise.

If you're on a machine that has only vim, I do also have a .vimrc file.

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